What does the program entail? 

After the successful launch of coaching programs aimed at physicians ("Challenge & Support"), nurses ("Lift Your Talent"), and medical students ("MATCH"), Erasmus MC Graduate School and MATCH have decided to introduce a tailored coaching program, focusing exclusively on PhD candidates. 

The MATCH coaching program consists of 5 individual sessions, including an intake session. If you are a second- or third-year PhD candidate you can sign up (please check full criteria here) and after your admission you can choose your own coach. All coaches introduce themselves on our website through a short video message. This way you can quickly get a good impression of each coach. If it turns out that after the intake session that there isn't a match, it is possible to choose another coach. 

During an 8-month period you will work together with your coach to formulate and achieve your goals. The program is also linked to a scientific study to investigate the effectiveness of coaching. This research is conducted by the University of Amsterdam. 


Research shows that coaching has a positive impact on the professional and personal development of coachees. To contribute to the study, we ask you to complete two questionnaires during your coaching program. These take about 20-25 minutes per questionnaire.


Upon registering for the MATCH Coaching Program, all participants will be randomly assigned to either the intervention group or the control group, regardless of the decision to take part in the research. The intervention group will start with coaching in November 2023 and the control group will be able to start with coaching in Q3 of 2024.


The coaching program is available for free for PhD candidates who meet the criteria. Please note that there are limited spots available, so don't wait too long to register!