The faces behind MATCH  

The research team

Prof.Dr. Edwin van Hooft 

Edwin van Hooft is professor of Occupational and Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on motivational and self-regulatory processes in performance settings. Specific themes in his research are mental health at work, unemployment and job search behavior, procrastination and learning goal orientation. His work has appeared in renowned academic journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Academy of Management Journal and Journal of Vocational Behavior. In 2018, he published the Oxford Handbook on Job Loss and Job Search. He also wrote a handbook for reintegration professionals "Steering for Self-Direction" commissioned by the Council for Work and Income, evaluated UWV's training program (Employee Insurance Agency) "Successful to Work," and developed the online networking training course "Building Relationships and Improving Opportunities." More information about Edwin van Hooft can be found here.

Dr. Anne de Pagter

After studying medicine in Utrecht, Anne de Pagter received her PhD on complications after stem cell transplantation. She then trained as a pediatrician at Erasmus MC-Sophia in Rotterdam and then specialized as a pediatric hematologist. During her training as a pediatrician, she trained as a coach, and she is the initiator of Challenge & Support and now the MATCH Program. Anne works as a pediatric hematologist both at Erasmus MC-Sophia and LUMC - WAKZ.

Prof.Dr. Matthijs de Hoog

Matthijs de Hoog trained as a pediatrician (1996) and pediatric intensivist (1998). In 2001, he received his doctorate in research on antibiotics in neonates. He has worked at Erasmus MC-Sophia since 1992 and has been the educator of pediatrics there since 2005. He is one of the initiators of the Challenge & Support Program and is also a professor of quality of medical specialist continuing education.

Daan Fris MSc

Daan Fris is pursuing his PhD at Erasmus MC and the Department of Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. In his PhD project within the MATCH program, he investigates the effectiveness of coaching for Medicine students and PhD candidates. Daan is a graduate in Work and Organizational Psychology and is particularly interested in psychological safety, self-determination, coaching and positive psychology.