Overview of all coaches

A good match between you and the coach is important. It determines the result and effectiveness of the coaching process and mutual trust is crucial. Nothing is more unpleasant than a coach with whom you do not feel at ease. That is why we leave this choice up to you. Take your time and see what feels right for you.

Our coaches are all trained as certified coaches and work in strict confidentiality. This means they can tap not only into their own life experience and knowledge, but also have a wide range of tools to assist you with your coach question.

Choose your coach

How do you choose the right coach? To give you a good idea, our coaches would like to introduce themselves to you! They do this via a short video message, so you can 'meet' them all in person.

Once you have registered, we will let you know how and when you can select a coach. Read more about the application process here and more about the research then associated with MATCH Coaching here.

Please watch the videos below. Which coach appeals to you the most?

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