We monitor the quality of our coaching

University of Amsterdam investigates the effectiveness of MATCH

To study the quality and effectiveness of coaching, a collaboration has been established with the Department of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (A&O) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). These psychologists study how people develop at work and adapt to changes in work and organization. They focus on individual workers, teams of workers, and how individuals and teams influence each other. The researchers use experimental research designs and (longitudinal) field studies. In doing so, they aim to lay the foundation for evidence-based applications in organizations.

Research themes 

In the research conducted within the framework of MATCH Coaching, various themes are investigated, such as individual adaptation, self-regulation, and behavior. These themes encompass career development, coaching, change interventions, flexibility, motivation, decision-making, creativity, and innovation.  

Through questionnaires, we evaluate the impact of coaching, including its effect on enhancing personal resources, fostering enthusiasm, and reducing stress. Additionally, research is also conducted among non-coachees. For example, research is conducted on the experiences of master's students during clinical rotations and how these experiences relate to their career development. The aim is to contribute to the quality of medical education.