An independent, confidential and anonymous study  


In this pilot study, coaching within the MATCH program is offered to PhD candidates at Erasmus MC. Before, and after the coaching, participants complete validated questionnaires.

A select group of PhD candidates receives an invitation from the research team and the Graduate School to apply for coaching. During the registration process on the MATCH website, they are asked whether they wish to participate in the associated scientific research conducted by the University of Amsterdam. Participants then proceed to complete an initial questionnaire. Through a randomization process, it is determined which candidates can immediately begin the coaching program and which will commence at a later date. PhD candidates who are not part of the study also undergo randomization. After completing the coaching program, coachees fill out a second questionnaire. PhD candidates on the waiting list will complete a second questionnaire after a 10-month interval, after which they will also commence their coaching program

Confidential and anonymous  

Participation in MATCH is voluntary, confidential and anonymous. Individual data cannot be viewed by employees of the respective centers. The research data is processed completely confidentially by the research team.